Can I buy furniture on this website?

No you cannot. This website was designed and created to help consumers get to know Canadian furniture manufacturers. If you are interested in a specific product you are more than welcome to contact the manufacturers directly. They will assist you in finding a retail location near you to purchase the product.

Why was the Quality Canadian Furniture label created?

The Quality Canadian Furniture label was created and introduced through a pan-Canadian awareness campaign that invites Canadians to think about the origins of the furniture they are purchasing and features the variety and quality of products made in Canada. The label, in the form of stickers, hangtags and other materials, was created to assist consumers in stores. The label clearly identifies in store that the furniture was made in Canada.

I’ve heard about personalization, but what exactly is that?

Personalization allows you to custom-build your own furniture – without actually having to build it yourself! Many manufacturers offer countless choices of fabrics, woods and metal finishes, different leg styles, and even different hardware. The combinations are endless which means the furniture you bring into your home is exactly the way YOU want it. Quality Canadian Furniture manufacturers are innovators and always have your needs in mind. They understand that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another.

What should I do if I have a problem with a product made by one of your Quality Canadian Furniture manufacturers?

First, we invite you to contact the retail location to see if they can help you. If not, then by all means, contact the manufacturer directly. They have customer service departments who will help you in any way they can.

How can I know if the furniture I am interested in purchasing is really Made in Canada.

To start, if the product is made by one of the manufacturers listed on this website, then look for it by name. We also created labels and stickers with the official Quality Canadian Furniture logo .These are available to the manufacturers and retailers on our website (click here for a sample). They will help you identify Canadian-made products. Not all products are identified with “Made in Canada” so our label acts as a guarantee. If you need some help in store, you can ask a salesperson directly – just tell them that you’re looking for furniture made in Canada! Not all Canadian manufacturers are part of our network, but we’re working hard on getting them involved.

Is Quality Canadian Furniture a government affiliation?

Quality Canadian Furniture was created by a non-profit organization, the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association, in order to help raise awareness for Canadian-made furniture across Canada and elsewhere. We knew that consumers were becoming sensitive on where the products were made and the country of origin .We also knew that they wanted to know who the Canadian manufacturers are. The initiative is speared-headed by the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers' Association. We’re a non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, QC. Our mission, since 1942, has been to promote the Quebec furniture industry and its manufacturers.

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