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We make the furniture. You take the floor.


So what do you think about Canadian furniture? Is there something you’d like to know about the different styles, types of wood, or the process behind the manufacture and care of Canadian-made furniture? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about our manufacturers?
For our part, we’d like to know more about your favourite styles and the type of Canadian-made furniture you’d like to see in your home.


Whatever your question, we’re here to listen. And to learn. Along with the thousands of hard-working individuals who make up the Canadian furniture industry.


Talk to us! Go ahead. Ask questions. Tell us more about yourself. And let us know your taste in furniture. Or simply share your opinion on something you saw. You can email, write, or call, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Quality Canadian Furniture /Meubles Qualité Canada
101-1111 Saint-Urbain, Montreal (Québec) H2Z 1Y6
Phone: 514 866-3631/1 800 363-6681
Fax: 514 871-9900 /1 888 538-7648

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