Pull up a chair to style


Canadian furniture is, foremost, designed right here in Canada by Canadian artisans who blend inspiration and elegant styling to retain our local flavour. They understand the special characteristics of Canadian wood and recognize the growing importance of comfort and durability.

More importantly, Canadian furniture is designed just for you. With functionality, long lasting finishes, outstanding versatility, and ease of care that meet your needs. Of course, well-defined contours, sleek lines, and stylish good looks don’t hurt either. It’s everything you need to harmonize your decor.


Thanks to ongoing investment in research and development, Canadian furniture continues to innovate. But never at the expense of comfort and functionality for everyday use. Current, yet timeless. Elegant, yet durable. And decisively comfy. With personality to match your own.


Finally, the choice and quality of wood used in the manufacture of Canadian furniture is second to none. Maple, oak, birch, ash and other Canadian species ensure aesthetically pleasing furniture adapted to our climate… and to your tastes.



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