Local economies

Pull up a chair to local economies


Choosing Canadian furniture encourages local spending and stimulates the Canadian economy. Coast to coast, small- and medium-sized furniture companies inject more than 10 billion dollars1 into the local economy based on sales from hundreds of thousands of customers.


Canadian furniture is also admired and appreciated the world over: many Canadian manufacturers export their products and, together, their sales abroad total over $1.2 billion per year.2


Plus, Canadian furniture translates into thousands of jobs right here at home - in large urban centres and small communities across the country.


Furniture industry workers are hard-working individuals just like you; from skilled local artisans to large-scale production experts, and the tens of thousands more who manage sales, advertising, promotions and exports.


Chic, trendy, durable, and unique, Canadian furniture is always a good buy.

1Statistics Canada, Monthly Survey of Manufacturing (MSM), CANSIM, tables 304-0014 and 304-0015, March 2010.:$ 10,523,191 in Canada in 2009.
2 Industry Canada, Total exports of furniture for NAICS 33712: Household and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing.


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