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Buying Canadian furniture is ethical, trendy and eco-friendly!


One thing is for sure: Canadian furniture is always a good buy. For its style, versatile design, manufacturing quality and renowned durability.


But there’s more: buying Canadian furniture is a stamp of approval on the work of hundreds of seasoned professionals and artisans who truly make us proud of who we are as Canadians.
Buying Canadian is also an ethical choice. Furniture is manufactured under fair working conditions and, for the most part, uses renewable resources from our forests—the fruits of a labour passed on from one generation of Canadian artisans to the next.


Finally, furniture made in Canada is local. So it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to reach your front door. Going green really can make a difference! 


Pull up a chair to style

Pull up a chair to durability
Pull up a chair to eco-friendliness 
Pull up a chair to local economies 

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