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July 9th, 2013


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While I have personally never used much pink in my home and designs, it is a colour my eye has always been drawn to. Recently I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (guilty pleasure) and I noticed how taken I was with Lisa Vanderpump’s home décor. Her entire place was splashed with shades of pink. It was done in a subtle way, often through florals and fabrics but the look was surprisingly elegant.


Overall I have noticed an increase of the colour pink in décor lately so I did some digging to pull some images of where pink is used in a way that works and doesn’t look over, well bubble gum. Pink can really work in a home if you follow a few rules.

#1 don’t use all one shade have various levels of pink from soft to bold. This will avoid it looking cheap.

#2 anchor the colour with the addition of mirrored furniture, natural wood accents (natural unfinished wood really complements the shade).

#3 always add a touch of black, white or grey to balance it out. If you want to bring in another colour consider green and match bold with bold and soft with soft.

Green is a surprising complement however if you look on the colour wheel, red is greens natural complement and since pink is derived from red it all makes sense. Also consider starting with smaller touches, a throw and pillow maybe a vase and work your way up to that bold piece of pink furniture.



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Janette  Ewen

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