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December 23rd, 2010

To Tree or Not To Tree: Christmas Green in Three Acts

Ok, trees aren’t furniture, but they are accessories at this time of year, so I’m running with it.

I love the smell of the freshly cut Fraser fir in my living room. Yup, we did it. We killed a tree (or rather, purchased an already dead tree) for the sake of some greenery and tradition. But this is our last year! I promise. It’s our first Christmas in our new apartment, and it’s our baby girl’s first Christmas too. Therefore, we decided to do it up old school, one last time.

I’ve often contemplated the benefits of real vs fake when it comes to Christmas trees. Real smells great, but sheds needles; looks amazing but needs maintenance; and renewable or not, it’s cutting down a whole tree for two weeks of decoration, and little else. It’s a lovely waste (though more and more municipalities are recycling trees).

Now faux firs do get reused for countless Christmases, but what happens at the eventual end of their usefulness? They end up in the dump, taking a skillion (very scientific measure) years to breakdown. So the wonderful people at Cascades have created the perfect Christmas tree (at least for me): made from recycled and reclaimed materials, this slick little number, available in three sizes, is a modern answer to a problematic tradition. It folds up flat for easy storage, can be painted, or decorated the old fashioned way, and will last for years if well cared for. I know what I’ll be asking for next year. Thank you Cascades! And Happy, Healthy, Safe Holidays everyone...

Cascades' Christmas Trees in Recycled Cardboard - Piccolo

  • Posted by magda on December 24th, 2010, 01:49
    I have 2 Cascades Christmas Trees and we love them ! Really nice product !
  • Posted by Sara Lomas on February 4th, 2011, 11:47
    Hi Magda!

    It's well after Christmas now, and I'm already looking forward to having one this year. And they're locally made. It doesn't get better than that.

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