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June 22nd, 2011

The Wink

From Dorothy Draper to Jonathan Adler my design guru’s lean to the quirky and down-right happy side. I’ve said it over and over again that our homes, from tiny apartment to sprawling mansion, should be a backdrop to our lives… and do you know anyone who wants to be describes as serious, minimal and brooding…? I don’t! With that I introduce to you the MOST important design element any home can have... the “wink”.

The “wink” is a term my effervescent, life-loving, one-of-a-kind friend—Natalie Cerny—introduced to me.  Natalie explains a “wink” as that something’s special, quirky and wonderful that can be added to any element of life from fashion, to food and yes, even to décor. I always try to incorporate at least one “wink” in all of the spaces I create. From an oversized ceramic blue bulls head (featured in the 2009 National Home Show Dream Home) to the bust of Zeus that has inhabited my previous and current home, I find a little splash of the extraordinary can make a room come alive and smile a little.

Now before you get scared of adding something a little bit random to our space or think I’m being silly, I’d like you to go on tour of the most wink-inspired space I have ever seen, the Madonna Inn!


Madonna Innn


Located in San Luis Obispo, the Madonna is as quirky and wink-filled as they come. Each room is themed, quirky, wonderfully tacky, carefree and so full of love.





The steakhouse at the Madonna Inn


When I recently stayed here I was overjoyed by the sheer amount of happiness I felt. Bright colours, sparkling ceilings… it was like laughter and joy took a paintbrush to the entire space. It got me thinking, is one wink really enough in our lives… in our homes, why not two or three… or as many as we please? I’ve decided it’s time to toss away all seriousness and judgment when it comes to décor, deign and the spaces we live in…A wink, my friends, is the new order of the day!


NOW, the most fun thing about winks is sharing them, so please post your favorite “wink” on my facebook fan page wall and be sure to tag the Quality Canadian Furniture facebook page on your post. I’m going to pick my favourite wink and sent you something very special from me!!

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