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August 8th, 2011

The Stylist In You

As I’ve mentioned before, I think that people often make their own best decorators. I mean who knows your style better than you? But becoming a decorator or stylist takes practice. One of the best ways to practice is by creating a style board. We normally do this by compiling samples, inspiration pictures and colour swatches on a piece of cardboard or foamcore. By doing this we are able to practice decorating and figure out if the “look” we are creating works or not.


While I sometimes still create style boards this way my actual favourite way to practice or play with a “look” this is on a super-cool site called Polyvore . This site allows users to create style pages by simply dragging and dropping items. There are tons of items already loaded in the databank and there are even templates you can arrange your items on. BUT—this is the best part… you can actual upload (using the “clipper”) furniture, fashions, backdrops, pretty much anything you can find online. I LOVE this feature as we often now “shop” for potential décor items online and now you can create an entire finished look on Polyvore! I’m no tech wizard and I find this site really easy to use.


I have put together two “looks” to share with you. One features Ty Pennington’s fabric line and the other is inspired by all the bold bright colours we are seeing on the runway.



I’m normally a more muted colour girl and I wanted to create a style page to see if this look would work for me. I really like how this page ended up. I especially love the Canadian-made white sofa from G Romano the set features.


Be sure to check out Polyvore and create a “look” to post on my facebook fanpage , I will pick my favourite look featuring a furniture item that is Canadian-made and send the winner a special treat!

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