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October 11th, 2011

Structural Art

I love including sculpture elements in my loft and in many of the homes I style. By sculptural elements I mean actual sculptures and large sized objects that serve as structural art. I find that large objects strategically placed can really round out a room and fill empty spaces. Often in a home you will have a empty space or corner and a table, chair or even lamp isn’t needed and doesn’t look right, so what do you do? Fill it with sculpture and large objects. Shop for pieces that reflect your style, décor and tastes. I prefer slightly whimsical pieces and antiques—anything that tells a story.



In my loft I had a bunch of random corners and open spaces that needed filling. So I turned to some of the items I have been collecting over the years and created sculptural vignettes. These vignettes feature fashion elements (I love collecting vintage fashion), including a vintage “judy” (dress form) that I can dress for any occasion or change up every season.



Whimsical sculptures including a Terracotta Warriors and Grecian bust.



Antiques—an old railway crossing sign and whimsical accents including an oversized vase and quirky ceramic camel. I find that all of these elements help fill some of the empty space in my loft and bring in a ton of personality!



I suggest you try playing with sculpture and large art objects in your home. To inspire you more I have included some pictures I took on a recent trip to the One & Only resort on Paradise Island. The resort features a 14th century French Monastery and accent sculpture.




Seeing how beautiful it is I want to bring more structural art to my home and my many projects.

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Janette  Ewen

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