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July 5th, 2011

Sparkling Inspiration

I am currently enjoying a bit of a summer break in Kelowna BC. It’s so gorgeous and inspiring here. The mountains, the orchards, the amazing views! Now of course, even on vacation, I’m always looking for design inspiration, so when stylist Jeska Peczek (Jeska summers in Kelowna) suggested we visit the nearby Sparkling Hill Resort , I was game. This jewel of a resort, which opened in 2010, incorporates elements of Swarovski crystal in every element design and is the first of it’s kind in North America and according to many of it’s fans it’s truly the best in the world.


 Sparkling Hill Entrance


From the floating crystal handrails to the truly breathtaking lighting designs, I was blown away by the unique and jaw-dropping use of Swarovski crystals—2 million of them! Sound over the top? It’s actually not, the design, while stunning, reflects elements of nature—water, light—to create a mood that is calming and serine. I’ve including some images so you can get the idea, but if you have a chance this is a space you will want to visit!


 Sparkling Hill Crystals


After visiting the resort I decided it’s time to bring a little “sparkle” into my space. I know some crystal elements will really complement many of the natural wood elements, rustic antiques and bold patterns I have in my loft. That’s the best thing about crystal, it reflects and complements any style of design, colour… so incorporating into your designs won’t be the least bit complicated.


To get the “sparkling” look at home: Check out the new line of wallpaper from Swarovski Elements. Available in a variety of styles, these papers incorporate a technique of crystal printing, a process that imbeds hundreds of crystals into the paper.



The look is shimmery, subtle and totally elegant. I think I am going to wallpaper my guest bathroom in “Kohinoor Damask”.



Why not give your dining room a splash of sparkle! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Swarovski crystal tufted Windsor chair from Continental furniture. I think the use of crystal and colour here is genius! This is such a fresh update for this timeless design.

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