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April 29th, 2011

Patience is also a form of action- Auguste Rodin

When it comes to decorating patience really is a virtue. Whenever my clients are preparing to move into a new space we always have the same battle. Without fail they want to start shopping for a decor before they have moved in and often before the construction is even complete. And I, as their advisor, tell them “no, wait until you are in your home and you can fully understand how we can make the space work for you”. Yet, I completely understand why they are so keen to shop, it’s sheer excitement. When I finally signed the paperwork for my new loft I was overcome with happiness and an instant need to shop for décor. I cast aside my years of sensibility and replaced it with the mantra of “I want it all and I want it now!”…
I hadn’t even received my keys and yet I had completely designed my space in my head. Armed with a vision I began ordering fabrics, tables, wallpaper you name it. They only problem… I hadn’t given myself a chance to get-to-know my loft and to see how it was going to work for me.

Fast-forward 4 weeks. I now have a completely different plan from my original. My guestroom? Well it’s going to need to work double-duty and a den and a guest room. I am now on the market for a stylish sofa bed. I plan to visit Brentwood Classics and a fellow designer said they have some nice contemporary styles.

That super cool, low profile sectional I mentioned a few weeks back? I finally took my own advice and waited just a few days to order and now it’s been replaced by a more traditional love seat and chair (wood frame, custom made from Continental Furniture) in the most fabulous fabric from Dwell Studio’s collection for Robert Allen.

Robert Allen for Dwell Studio


My styling assistant Jeska and I decided that the “formal” living space will need to do double duty as an meeting area so we wanted more structured furniture.


And… the list of small tweeks and changed goes on and on. I wanted to write this post to show you even as a professional, I still need to sometimes harness that excitement and pair it with a small dose (just a small one) of reality. We always need to remember our homes, no matter the size, are working parts of our life. We need to make sure our spaces meet simple needs. In the meantime, if you are bursting with excitement to decorate, funnel that energy into research of inspiration and ideas. Check out one of my favourite inspirations sites - this one will keep you busy for hours!

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