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January 25th, 2011

My picks for the 2011 Décor and Furniture Trends

Welcome to 2011! I spent the last few days of 2010 prepping for my New Year’s Eve party. With all the extra cold weather I decided to have a Canadian Cabin-themed soirée. I served dinner on a raclette and kept the décor rustic-Canadiana. I promise to post pictures on my next blog. With all this thought about the New Year and style I decided to put together my top six picks for décor trends in 2011. I’m really excited for 2011 as I think we are really seeing a return to personal style, where homeowners and renters alike are shopping for décor with a clear vision in mind of what they like. I think 2011 will mark the official return of decorating. Canadians will be seeking décor that reflects their taste and lifestyle. And of course, they will be shopping for the best of the best in design and manufacturing.


Of all the fantastic décor we are seeing, I believe these following trends will be the leaders for 2011, enjoy!

1) Colour: Pastel


This year, dark colours take a back seat to pale yellows, pinks and lilacs. I have just incorporated a Wedgewood-pastel colour theme into my latest project.



William                                                                     Continental Furniture Ltd


2) Ambiance: Take It Easy


Simple lines and pale colour palettes create a sense of relaxation in any space.



Barrymore Furniture Inc.                                  A.P. Industries Inc.


3) Furniture with a Conscience


 We are continuing to embrace green living and demand sustainable and reclaimed materials. We are also looking at where and how our furniture is made, how much shipping and packaging are required and if can we cut back on emissions by shopping locally.



G. Romano                                                            Durham Furniture Inc.


4) Dimensions: Small can Beautiful and High End


With more people moving into small spaces functional, apartment-sized furniture is becoming more luxurious and high end in design and build.


Trica Inc.                                                            Geovin Furniture Inc.


5) Service: Customized Furniture


Manufactures are meeting the demands of consumers and are allowing for customization in materials and select design elements.


Dinec                                                                  Stylus Made To Order Sofas


6) Style: Ageing Beautifully

Artisanal techniques used by manufacturers to give new pieces rustic, vintage charm.



Canadel Furniture Inc.                                          Camlen Inc.


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