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October 27th, 2011

Mixing Pattern

At the recent Vancouver Home+Interior Design show I had the chance to present to a full and fabulous audience. We had a great time chatting about insider secrets of interior designers and stylists. One of the “tips” we discussed was mixing patterns. When done well, home textiles and wallpaper can really come to life when a series and variety of patterns are mixed. However achieving this look can be easier said than done.



Does the thought of mixing and matching patterns in an interior space send a shutter through you? It shouldn’t! One of the keys to getting a “stylized” look is having the confidence to mix patterns and create a space that is truly reflective of your style and taste. Mixing patterns can be tricky but if you follow a few rules you can create this ultra-stylish look.


Tips for mixing patterns:


- When mixing pattern don’t bring in too much colour, it can look a little out of control. Stick to a colour palette of three to four colours.


- Avoid dizzy patterns (swirls and zigzags) all together- they can tend to look a tad tacky.


- My number one rule when it comes to mixing pattern is to partner a hard pattern (think of something graphic with sharp edges, like a stripe or check) with something more soft (organic shapes like circles and floral work best). This hard/soft rule works every time as the patterns don’t compete with each other and you don’t get lost in a sea of one look! Remember opposites attract!


- Don’t forget to mix types of textiles when mixing pattern, by incorporating various textures (velvet, linen, silk) you’ll be able to create an ultra luxe look!


CUTLINES: wallpapers and fabrics seen at the Maison et Objet design show in Paris highlight how popular rich and detailed patterns are becoming!

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