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August 23rd, 2012

Made with Love

About a week ago, while on a drive up to San Francisco, I swung by the city of Goleta, in Santa Barbara county to meet artist/designer welder/Jef Hancock . I’d met Jef through instagram (I admired his many vintage truck photos) and he kindly invited me to visit his “compound”. When I pulled up to his grounds I was delighted to discover one of the most interesting places I have ever encountered.  The yard was filled with countless vintage vehicles, from WW2 tanks (including a Canadian one) to motorcycles, racing cars and trucks. The workshop was even better then the yard, full of tools, projects in various stages of progress and artwork. Neatly tucked in the back of the shop was a loft living space styled with cool and quirky collectables (I was coveting the rustic anchor and rope propped in the corner of the staircase). Of all these visual gems it was Jef’s effervescent enthusiasm for design and passion for creating that stole the show. Once an art director working in San Francisco at the start of the .com world, Jef left that successful career behind to train as a welder and focus on his art and design (working in Detroit and throughout California). As he recounted his journey the story of his many designs unfolded.




Jef, just like the many Quality Canadian designer and craftsman inspire me more and more as I get older. I now understand “who” not necessarily “what” makes quality. I respect the training, time; passion and care that go into the works craftspeople create. Too often society puts it’s own a price tag on design, locally crafted and made items are held beside mass produced imports for comparison. In reality, a comparison can never be made, for the concept of true value is not cost related. True value is the delight of filling ones life with items that are made with love.


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  • Posted by chiado on August 25th, 2012, 15:39
    Jef is such a talent in so many gifted! I love your site,
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