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March 17th, 2011

Made-to-measure Craftsmanship at Zedbed!

Every company has its own distinct methods of creating and manufacturing its product. In almost every case, know-how and innovation are an integral part of product development. This is especially true in 2011 when standing out from the crowd means finding creative ways to surprise and impress prospective consumers. Within the furniture industry, members of the Quality Canadian Furniture network are proud to offer a complete line of products that have been made in Canada, by craftsman that hail from the region. Zedbed is a perfect example. Within its factories, located in Shawinigan and Grand-mère in Quebec, the company is producing memory foam mattresses that have been the talk of the industry for the past 16 years!


There is no doubt about it, Zedbed employees are lucky! Last spring, the company opened its new factory in Shawinigan, in close proximity to its first factory. Instead of basing the decision upon key markets for itself and its partners, Zedbed based its choice largely upon where its workers lived. “The employees are at the heart of our business,” explains Zedbed’s David Gélinas. “Just like all Canadian furniture manufacturers, we support the healthy management of our workers. Their well-being and fulfillment reflects upon the quality of our final product as well as upon the overall productivity of our business.” The company possesses made-to-measure equipment that has been tailored to meet its exact needs. Employees receive detailed training that is specific to Zedbed, enabling them to take an active role in the success of the business.


In Quebec, Zedbed is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to mattresses made from pressure relief material. The company uses machines that are exclusive to Zedbed that guarantee continuous, high-quality production. In 2006, the enterprise adopted an avant-gardiste production technique that enabled it to make its memory foam from soya. This process replaced a portion of the hydrocarbons that were previously used and significantly decreased the quantity of chemical materials used in making the mattresses. By conscientiously controlling what goes into its products, Zedbed has been able to create a mattress made from high-density pressure relief material that is more comfortable and longer-lasting than average.


Each week, 165 new mattresses, 30 adjustable beds and 350 pillows are available to consumers like you and me who are searching for quality products that will provide a restful night’s sleep.
















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