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April 14th, 2011


I've started to settle into my new space. My balcony is almost decorated (it's a 73 square feet.. huge for me, well after not having a balcony for years).. I found a cool interlocking decking at the hardware store, It's made of recycled plastic and looks great. As for the interiors, my bedroom is almost complete. I have a great bed that I bought years ago at Casa Life. It's Canadian-made and features deep drawers (6 of them) so I have plenty of room for all my cloths. I love my bed as so many storage beds are poorly made and the drawers will be small and/or the base of the drawer will fall out. Every time I put cloths away I smile and think of how happy I am I made a good purchase over 5 years ago.


On to the living room.. I finally decided to go for a lower sectional style seating. As I need the seating to be adjustable (I plan to use this space for R&R and for entertaining) and I'd also like the backs of the seating to be low, so I don't obstruct the view. In my quest for this sectional I decided to visit Continental furniture in Concord Ontario.



Continental is a family-run furniture manufacturer. Carmine Colacci started Continental Furniture in 1973 and based his company on his core value "If I am going to build it, I am going to build it right”. I met with Carmine's son Gaetano to discuss my seating needs. Gaetano has a killer eye for design, understanding both classic and contemporary. We discussed what I was looking for and previewed the huge showroom.



Finally we decided a 3-piece sectional with a low, relaxed profile would be perfect.. and that's when the magic happened. Gaetano said "let me design something custom for you.. you go pick out your fabrics and we can make you exactly what we have discussed..", I am thrilled beyond words and am off to shop fabrics. It amazes me how easy local manufactures make furniture selection. I'm just thrilled my sofa is going to be made just for me and my place! In addition to making my day, Gaetano let me tour the shop at Continental Furniture. It was so cool to see all the frames being hand carved and built, seeing the painting room but my favourite was the upholstery area. I watched the most gorgeous headboard being hand "tufted". Now I want a tufted white head board in the spare bedroom! But you'll have to wait to see what I decide on for that room.



Gaetano Colacci


Over the next few months I will be visiting more Quality Canadian manufacturers, so stay tuned for plenty of "behind the scences".

  • Posted by Samantha on April 14th, 2011, 12:20
    Continental Furniture is one of my best kept secrets. I stage homes for a living and I'm always able to add that "WOW" factor with a piece I've created with them. - Sam
  • Posted by Janette Ewen on April 14th, 2011, 16:33
    Sam- I love their work! I can't wait for my sectional.. I day dream about it! :)
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