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May 31st, 2011

Good Night, Sleep Tight...

Did you know, on average, we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping!! Yet as I tour friends and client’s homes, the bedroom is always the lowest on the redecorating priority list! (The bedroom usually comes after the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dinning room).  We often budget very little for bedroom furniture and décor and sometimes even less when it comes to a mattress.

After spending a few years suffering from sleepless nights (I tried natural sleep aids, relaxing music, hot baths) I decided to turn my attention to my bedroom décor and figure out how I could make it more relaxing. Here are a few of my tried and true tips that will help make your bedroom a stylish sanctuary

1. Paint your room in a soft relaxing colour. I like Soft Cloud and Blue Oasis from ICI Paints… even the names sound relaxing!

2. Invest in a good mattress. Now we all know this one but there is that constant temptation to “cheap out” when it comes to a mattress. However a good mattress is a top priority. I like the Green Latex mattress by Zedbed, it is made of natural perforated latex which makes it hypoallergenic and it promotes a “fresh” feeling when you sleep. Other benefits of sleeping on a Green Latex mattress include the promotion muscle relaxation and better blood circulation.

3. Hang light blocking window treatments. I know blackout blinds aren’t that pretty yet they are totally functional and your drapes will disguise the functional. For the bedroom I prefer using heavier fabrics. One of my favoruite places for drapes is Invu Drapery Company, they have amazing ready-mades and will also do any custom work. 


Setai - Miami


4. If you are on the lookout for new bedroom furniture, choose a set that has a zen-like style. I noticed whenever a hotel suite had a zen look I would sleep better (check out the Setai in Miami for insiration). The Trip Hop bedroom collection by AP Industries really captures this look.

5. Buy good bed linens! Look for bed linens that have a thread count of 200 or higher. Anything less than that will make your skin feel itchy and will trap your body heat. Cotton is my fabric of choice when it comes to bedding. As for colour and patterns, I like to keep it simple often matching a solid or minimal patterned bedding to the wall colour, using various levels of one colour in the bedroom will naturally relax your eye.

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Janette  Ewen

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