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July 14th, 2011

From The Ground Up – a company that stands the test of time

The potential to succeed, the potential to achieve, the potential to create something truly beautiful. Transforming that potential into reality takes drive and an unwavering determination no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way. Many Canadian companies embrace that challenge, creating well-run businesses that are intent upon making a solid contribution for years to come.


When Colibri Furniture Limited opened its doors in 1960, Bruno Selmay was one of two employees working from a basement in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Specializing in teak furniture, the company gained a reputation for creating enduring, well-priced pieces that were a welcome addition to any home.


By the end of the ‘70’s the company’s numbers had blossomed to over 50 employees.  Eventually, the owners of Colibri moved to Ontario, leaving Selmay in charge of the original factory.  While orders continued to pour in, the company’s focus began shifting towards its Ontario-based factory. 


Management hoped to move Selmay and other key players to the second factory, but the workers refused, recognizing what a negative impact the closing of the factory would have upon the community. 


A dispute between Colibri owners would result in the birth of a new company – Meubles Mobican Furniture inc.  Selmay, who was recognized for his hard work and enterprising vision was appointed factory director when it opened its doors in 1986.

Stella by Mobican


Over the past 20 years, Mobican has demonstrated a resolute loyalty to both its employees and its customers.  When the newly-opened company was faced with yet another closure crisis in 1987, the employees along with Selmay, and his son Patrick, formed an investors group and bought the business. The transaction not only protected the workers from future uncertainty but also guaranteed a product that continued to be made with pride and high standards.


Luna by Mobican Furniture


“Every business is going to experience highs and lows,” explains Patrick Selmay, president of Mobican. “But what truly distinguishes Canadian furniture manufacturers is our long-term vision.  Our steadfast dedication means that we are able to deal with challenges and adjust accordingly so that nothing gets in the way of our goals.”


Mobican’s success is undeniably due to the passion of its workers and administrators.  They saw a company that had the capacity to make a strong contribution to the furniture industry and they refused to let their vision be compromised.


Today, Mobican is recognized for its contemporary, high-end bedroom furniture as well as dining sets and media units.  Specializing in pieces made from a variety of wood including teak, maple, cherry and rosewood, the collections have earned a loyal following throughout North America.


Sonoma by Mobican Furniture


Commitment and quality – when it comes to making furniture, Canadian manufacturers know that it’s a winning combination!

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