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April 27th, 2011

Fashionable Furniture From Their Family To Yours

Time marches on and with each era comes new styles, new innovations and new approaches. Thanks to their flexible attitude, Quality Canadian Furniture manufacturers have been easily able to adapt to each generation’s new standards, producing exciting pieces of furniture that are always ahead of the curve.

After immigrating to Montreal from Italy in the 1960’s, Gino Romano and his wife Maria opened up G Romano in 1962. At the time, the company specialized in French furniture styles that featured lots of carved wood detailing. Look at the company’s stylish contemporary collections today and it might not seem like the same business, but deep down, the roots remain unchanged. Now helmed by husband and wife Rick Lovegrove and Natalina Romano along with co-founder Maria Romano, the trio have remained committed to the company’s original mandate of constantly producing pieces in new styles that evolve with the times, while ensuring the highest level of quality in every piece.

G Romano's Smith chair
The shift in design vision can be traced back to the late 1990’s as cocooning began to gain more and more popularity and homeowners began searching for stylish pieces that were at once fashionable and exceptionally comfortable. The change of orientation required a whole new way of doing business. There were new suppliers, new raw materials, new employees, a new manufacturing process and newfound popularity.

Eco-friendly practices, high-end materials and sleek stylish lines that could be adapted to small spaces as well as larger ones are just some of the factors that have earned G Romano an international reputation. But the company has little time to rest on its laurels.

“What truly distinguishes Canadian manufacturers are the lengths to which we will go to create a truly outstanding piece of furniture,” explains G Romano’s Rick Lovegrove. “Each of our companies was founded with a focus on providing excellence and through the years, we have all held firmly to that goal.”

G Romano's Aria modular sofa
For the Romano family that excellence translates to a completely hands-on approach. Along with overseeing designs, sourcing exciting new materials and trends, the trio set up their own showrooms and man their own booths at tradeshows. This extremely personal approach has enabled the company to form strong relationships that help them solidify their reputation as an industry leader when it comes to chic, fashionable furniture.
Rather than accept the status quo, G Romano is always pushing itself in exciting new directions, always aspiring to showcase new designs and new fabrics that enhance its strongly defined sense of contemporary style. G Romano’s furniture might be constantly evolving but consistent quality is at the heart of every design.

For Canadian furniture manufacturers, the more things change, the more they really stay the same!

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