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August 29th, 2011


One unexpected place I look for design inspiration is retail dressing rooms! From the “girly glam boudoir” look of Forever 21



to the modern changing bubbles at MISS SIXTY (designed by Giorgio Borruso),



retail dressing rooms can provide you with style ideas for both a closet, dressing space or even a bedroom. Dressing rooms are a great space to bring in colour, ornate patterns and loads of whimsy. After looking at all these great spaces I was inspired… why not create a glam dressing area in your home? It’s easier than you think. Here are a few tips and ideas!


#1 in your bedroom line up all your best shoes along one wall, this will give the space a “stylists” look. You can even place the boxes underneath (only if they are super pretty).


#2 Think about wallpapering the interior of your closet or armoire. Go for a bright colours and pattern—hot pink, bright blue and definitely look for a style that has some sparkle or metallic to it!


#3 Purchase a dressing stool or chair, something really pretty. Shop for fabrics that are rich in texture like lush velvets and don’t be afraid to incorporate luxurious trims and tassels.



#4 Bring on the baroque accessories. I think a little flourish goes a long way in a dressing space, add baroque inspired frames and a mirror for added glamour.


#5 Invest in a fabulous built in closet system or gorgeous armoire. (I love Garde-robes Gagnon) Like the kitchen, closets and dressing spaces are a great place to invest in quality. Think about how much time we spend dressing. Built in closets and armoires help keep us organized and really showcase a fabulous wardrobe. Too often we spend all this money on clothing then tuck it away where we can’t find it or see it and then we never wear it! A well styled dressing space that’s organized and chic will inspire you to dress better and wear all of your wonderful outfits.


Garde-robes Gagnon


Soon I’ll be posting a tour of my finished loft. I turned my entire bedroom into a “dressing” inspired space. I hope you’ll like it. In the meantime if you love your dressing space post it on our facebook wall! A well-designed space deserves to be shown off!

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