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September 14th, 2012

DIY Workshop

When I look back at my career the one thing I am most proud of is working with Quality Canadian Furniture, a big reason for this is the members. They appreciate craftsmanship, quality and they all have a grass-roots appeal… and did I mention I LOVE their designs?


It’s their hands-on approach to creating that inspires me. I think that all of us have the ability create, sure it might not be a piece of furniture but we can always start small. This is why I love crafting and simple DIY projects. Creating something, anything… is very mentally and esthetically satisfying.


Last weekend I decided I needed some more “custom” accessories for my home. I had a vintage globe I had picked up from a thrift store and I decided it was time to give it an update. I had seen many custom decoupage globes on Pinterest and really liked the look. So I headed to the craft store and picked up some “podge” (a glue-like substance that dries clear), sponge brushes and scrapbooking paper. I pulled one of my favourite quotes about travel and decoupaged it onto my globe! I added a few birds and butterflies cut from the scrapbooking paper and voila! This weekend if you have some spare time try decoupage it’s a fun and easy way to update a home accessory.




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Janette  Ewen

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