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October 18th, 2011

Decorating tips for small spaces

Do you live in a small space? Many of us live in spaces smaller than 1, 000 square feet and its time we started seeing this space as a decorating an opportunity rather than challenge. Many people assume that minimal décor and minimal furniture will make a small space feel larger. This isn’t true! Think of all the gorgeous tiny apartments in Paris, would these spaces ever be anything but ornately decorated? Wallpaper, textiles, rugs and tons of accessories will complete a small space and fill it with life and character. Something many large spaces can never achieve.


One plus of a living in a small space is that you can buy the best of everything because you don’t need tons of furnishings. When buying for a small space, you can always shop for quality (since quantity is not an option). Visit the list of manufacturers on the Quality Canadian Furniture and you’ll find plenty of tailored, simple furniture doesn’t require a lot of visual space and always looks tidy. I especially love the Taylor sofa by Barrymore,



the Portland sofa by Continental Furniture


Portland by Continental



and the Sonoma bedroom collection by Mobican.



Here are few more small space decorating tips:


Let There Be Light
You can get more natural light by removing overdone drapes (which can look, well overdone). Instead keep window coverings chic and simple or if you want something grander, consider a single swag drape that is ornamental (but stylish) and still lets plenty of natural light in.This look also makes rooms and windows look bigger because it’s quite dramatic and draws the eye out and up.


Don’t Be Afraid of Wallpaper
Wallpaper can make a room look more complete – bare walls close a room in. Wallpaper is great especially when it comes to a small space bathroom. Give your powder room punch by wallpapering the space in a bold print. Wallpaper all the walls and ceiling to achieve the look of a jewelry box interior.


Black is Black
Black walls or a ceiling can create visual space in a room. By painting walls or a ceiling with black matte paint you can create drama and make the walls seem to disappear. 


Go Glossy
Glossy kitchen cabinets reflect light and make a small space kitchen look modern, stylish and roomy. Keep all kitchen cabinets simple (no detailing), it will allow the cabinets to blend into the wall.


Decorate Every Space
In a small space your work, play and eating spaces are all exposed, so be sure to maximize your décor in these spaces. This includes arranging shelves in a stylish fashion, tucking loose papers and items into attractive storage boxes, buying pretty package items for your kitchen (as they’ll be left out on a counter) and using unconventional spaces for display (for example, try some over-sized vases or artwork on the top of kitchen cabinets).

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  • Posted by William V. Sobers on January 4th, 2012, 07:34
    Such a great tips and I will definitely follow the tips you mentioned above. I love the arrangement and the color combination..
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