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July 18th, 2012

Cool Hunting

In my home I love mixing new décor (plenty of quality Canadian furniture), with collectables I finds on my travels and some touches of vintage. For my vintage items I like to scour thrift stores and look for the best deals and coolest finds. I’ve put together my top tips for thrift store shopping, enjoy and happy hunting!


#1 Know what your looking for: There are so many tempting items at a thrift stores, before you go make a list of items you are looking for. If you see something amazing that isn’t on your list think long and hard about where you are going to use it before you buy it.


#2 Look for quality brands… thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt, try to find quality name brands that your are familiar with. You can also look at the construction.  If the item you are looking at made in a solid fashion.  Sometimes you might not know a brand but you can tell how well it is made. Also check for marks, holes, ware and tear. Some patina can add character… but if an item looks too broken, take a pass on it.



#3 Know the sale days: Many thrift store have 30% and 50% off days… Ask the cashiers, check the websites- the sales will be posted there. They normally have sales at least once a month. Prepare to arrive early  as all the bargain hunters will be out.


#4 Bring cash: I like sticking to a budget when I thrift shop. So I always bring the exact amount I am willing to spend. This makes me think long and hard about an item, do I really want it….? Can I ask for a better price? By using cash you will end up with items you really love.



#5 Check the stores regularly: In thrift stores new stock is put out regularly, so stop by on a regular basis. Make friends with a stock clerk and try to find out when the new items are put on sales floor.

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Janette  Ewen

Janette Ewen has been one of Canada’s leading décor and lifestyle experts for more than a decade, passing on her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers and television.

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