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October 4th, 2011

Colourful Inspiration

I’m on a big colour kick, just like in fashion colour is staying strong for fall/winter interiors. Fresh, bright and used in a whimsical fashion, people are discovering that colour in the home really can brighten your mood and make your home a happier, more stylish place.



Whenever I am searching for colourful inspiration I often turn to colourful countries! For example India, where else can you witness a rainbow of bold pigments both on people and on streetscapes?



Just looking at this picture of dyes for sale in a market in India makes me want to bring even MORE bold colour into my home! It also shows me how so many bright colours can unexpectedly work together when grounded by a neutral backdrop (in this case the metal bowls).



How would I translate all of these bold colours into a space? Well, wallpaper or wall panels are a start!


I encourage your to wrap the envelope of your home in fun bright colours, why look at a white wall when you can make yours come alive! This swirled wallpaper is one of my new favorite ways to incorporate colour, it reminds me of a Martha Stewart Easter egg or gorgeous marbled craft papers.



This paper and the additional image of colourful walls are all papers and panels designed by Black Crow Studios, if you love colour I encourage you to visit their site and get inspired!

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Janette  Ewen

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