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September 8th, 2011

Break out of a décor slump!

Ever feel like your space is a little tired? It may look great to others but to you it just seems boring, dull and in need of a little freshening. To help break that décor slump, I’ve put together 10 super-easy and inexpensive tips guaranteed to freshen up your space.


Make your home a backdrop to your life. Pick a passion (music, art, fashion…) as your design inspiration.



Rearrange your furniture for an instantly fresh look! Struggling with the layout? Think about the natural traffic patterns and flow of the room and arrange accordingly. If you have a fireplace you may want to make it a focal point to it by painting it a bright colour.


Get handy! Wainscoting looks luxe but is pretty simple and inexpensive to do. It adds depth and dimension to walls.


Update old accessories with glossy spray paint. Try using bold colours like lime green or china red for extra punch!



Board with an old lamp? Give it new life my wrapping the exterior with wallpaper. For extra wow paint the inside of the lamp a metallic shade that compliments the wallpaper.


Felt is the new black. Try making your own felt rug or throw. Felt requires no hemming and comes in amazing colours.


Leopard print complements classic and modern décor. Use it as an accent, like on a rug, pillows or on a focal chair.



A wall mounted TV is not a focal point in a room, cover it up with a piece of art that can be removed when in use.


In a family room create a portrait wall using inexpensive mix and match frames and black and white photocopies of pictures.


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Janette  Ewen

Janette Ewen has been one of Canada’s leading décor and lifestyle experts for more than a decade, passing on her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers and television.

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