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June 13th, 2013

Break out of a décor rut!

Stuck in a rut?  A little change in our décor can really liven up a space and help inspire our lives.  Since the home is the backdrop to our life it only makes sense that we would want to mix it up now again, otherwise we might find ourselves a little on the bored side.  A change can mean everything from new furnishings to a fresh color palette.  Just in time for the warm weather, I have put together a list of my favourite new ways to change up your décor.  Best part, a few of these won’t even break the bank!


1. Glitter the inside of a drum light shade.  Gold is back in a big way and there is no better way to add sparkle then on the inside of a shade.  Head to your local craft store for some gold glitter spray and paint away.



2.  Map a wall.  Using decoupage or wallpaper paste, adhere new or vintage maps to a wall.  The look is one any travel lover will adore.



3. Make a fresh inexpensive flower arrangement.  Grab some unexpected items like burlap and limes and give a fresh twist to a floral arrangement.  This update only takes minutes and will always bring a smile.



4. Swap out your dining room table for a new round one!  Round tables are the latest trend for dining rooms.  A round table encourages a more intimate dining experience and always looks chic.



5. Glam up your office!  Bring in some gold, faux fur and a little bit of Lucite to your home office.  Why not make your work space one you always dreamed of… you deserve it!



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Janette  Ewen

Janette Ewen has been one of Canada’s leading décor and lifestyle experts for more than a decade, passing on her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers and television.

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