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June 15th, 2011

Big Arrival!

I’m pretty excited, my love seat and chair from Continental Furniture  have arrived!! As I mentioned a while back I had decided to go the custom furniture route when to selecting some furniture for my main living space. The loft I moved into (about 2 months ago) is very “open” and the main space all windows, so I know I would need furniture that could really stand (literally) on its own. As I would be placing a dining table (well actually a reclaimed army desk from Smash Gallery  and a living area all in one long rectangular space and since the loveseat and chair will be the first this that one sees when they walk in the front door, they would have to be statement pieces.



I met with Gaetano Colacci from Continental a while back and we discussed all the options available to me, I love that with most Canadian furniture manufacturers there is an option to design custom pieces and you can meet with trained experts and craftsman who give you honest advice about what works and what doesn’t. Gaetano didn’t let me down. We selected a classic, baroque inspired frame, but after touring the workshop I fell in love with the unfinished wood and decided to leave the wood on my furniture unfinished. Then I selected fabric from Dwell Studio’s collection from Robert Allen  and on Gaetano’s advice I decided to select two patterns and mix it up.



The results are amazing!!! I love the loveseat and chair more than you can imagine. The quality is unbelievable and I honestly can’t believe they are mine. These pieces are investments that I love and will have forever. I’m planning to arrange them tomorrow, placing them on a tan cowhide to accent the wood. I think a more modern coffee table will complete the look. In the meantime here are some snap shots of my new loves!! I hope you like!! Stay tuned for pictures of the set fully “arranged” in my loft.

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  • Posted by alexander on June 16th, 2011, 08:28
    Janette, ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!! i am so jealous!!Enjoy them..just beautiful and I look forward to the pictures!!
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