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June 1st, 2011

Beautiful and Responsible. What More Could You Ask For?

Within the furniture industry, more and more companies today are conscious of their environmental footprint. Green products are attracting the attention of numerous manufacturers who are willing to invest time and money to obtain them.  A number of manufacturers advocate the implementation of new technologies as well as initiatives that will reduce waste and save energy. AP Industries is one of them.


AP Indsutries is a family business that has been making furniture for the past 60 years. The company has not only succeeded in creating upscale products that respect environmental norms, but actually surpasses them.

Rather than creating products that might not be immediately sold and would therefore have to be kept in a warehouse – something that would require added heating and maintenance costs – AP Industries chose to transform its factory and create products solely on demand. “By eliminating our inventory, we effectively began to produce on demand. As a result, we only use the necessary quantities and quality of wood that our clients request,” explains Réjean Lachance, factory director.  A large majority of AP Industries’ particle board comes from SFC  certified businesses – this certification governs the cutting of trees.


Embracing a greener philosophy means implementing concrete gestures that will have a direct impact upon the environment. AP Industries employees are doing everything they can to help. The factory takes leftover pieces of wood and glues them together to make panels. But one of the company’s greatest savings, when it comes to materials, lies in its approach to packaging finished products. The recycled (and recyclable) cardboard that is used for packing products is stronger and more resistant to the jostling and bumping that can occur during transportation. Implemented over a year and a half ago, this new technique has had a huge impact on customer satisfaction.


With an eye towards environmental responsibility, AP Industries has spent the last four years investing heavily in research and development. The company is working with a number of suppliers in order to develop a water-based paint that could replace solvent-based paints. As is the case for numerous Canadian furniture manufacturers, working more and more with products that are less noxious for the environment is an absolute top priority.


Beautiful, responsible furniture. What more could you ask for?


AP Industries Trip Hop bedroom

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