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March 9th, 2011

Artopex, Putting People First

Business is business. But what does that mean, exactly? For some companies it is a cold, clinical approach where owners don’t know workers and personal details aren’t shared. But for Artopex and many other Quality Canadian Furniture manufacturers, it means taking an appreciative approach to employees and understanding that they are the key to success.

Based in Granby, Quebec, Artopex has been making high-quality office furniture for over 30 years. Specializing in laminate furniture, Daniel Pelletier, an industrial designer, and his brothers launched Pro-Meubles in 1980.

The company gradually expanded through a series of acquisitions including a chair manufacturer, a metal storage manufacturer and finally, Artopex, a manufacturer of a full-range of office furniture. Artopex was now able to offer its North American clientele everything they could possibly need for an office space.

That convenience, combined with the efficient style of its products has earned Artopex, a loyal client following. Specializing in medium to large businesses with 50 – 600 workstations, companies consult with Artopex in order to create a functional office environment that is as welcoming as it is well-designed.

With four plants in Quebec – two in Granby, one in Sherbrooke and one in Laval - the company has now ballooned in size to 500 employees. And while numbers have been steadily growing, the company’s attitude hasn’t changed since its inception.

When I spoke with Artopex president Daniel Pelletier about the key to the company’s success, he told me that it isn’t just about the excellence of their products. He shared that it is equally important to recognize the excellence of their employees and he explained that without the contribution of their workers, the company and the industry would never be where it is today.

Valuing employees means making the time to remember names, it also means celebrating milestones together. Most recently, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary with a company family day that was filled with festivities. Taking time to share the occasion with his staff underlines Pelletier’s approach to his company. It’s not just about the numbers on a spreadsheet – it’s also about the valuable contribution that everyone makes in order for that success to happen.

That personal hands-on approach has earned Artopex a number of prestigious business awards. The company has been voted as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies for four straight years from 2007 – 2010 and most recently snagged the prestigious “Large Business of the Year 2009” award at the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce Mercuriades.

A personable environment, a thriving company – what could be more Canadian?








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