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May 4th, 2011

8 ways to Rock a Roll of Wallpaper

I love pattern and I truly believe we need more of it in our home. Pattern gives a space depth and confidence. There is no easier or affordable way to bring pattern into your home than with a roll of wallpaper. I’ve recently been on the hunt for some fabulous wallpaper for my space and as I’m short on wall space (my place is almost all windows), I’ve been doing some clever thinking of other ways I can use wallpaper. I’ve put together a few tips I hope they inspire you to bring some pattern into your home.


Amalienborg by Designers Guild

Strategic placement of Amalienborg wallpaper from Designers Guild highlights the architectural features in this room


1. Why not wallpaper your ceiling? The look is fresh, quirky and really finishes a room off. Your ceiling is actually your 5th wall and making it a feature shows design confidence and great style!

2. Is papering a wall too much commitment for you? If you still want to bring some of that pattern into your home try framing samples of bold patterned wallpaper and hanging it in groups of 4 or more. Use mix and match wallpapers but make sure your frames are the same colour.

3. Treat wallpaper like large-scale art. By hanging just one strip, off centered in a room you create an elegant focal point.  Opt for papers that have images that look like they have been sketched by hand. Designers Guild Wall Coverings are a favourite of mine.

4. Bored of regular tablecloths? Use decorative wallpaper (I like some of the Indian-inspired prints) as a table runner. Best part? No laundry after the meal.

5. Give simple bookcase a luxe look by lining the back of the shelves with wallpaper. Pattern always looks chic. Use double sided tape to attach the wallpaper and you can swap it when your tastes change.

6. Bored with an old lamp? Give it new life my wrapping the exterior with wallpaper. For extra wow paint the inside of the lamp a metallic shade that compliments the wallpaper.

7. Wallpaper your closet in a fashion-inspired pattern. I love this look. It reminds me of a classic coat that has a bold interior lining.

8.  Bring pattern into your kitchen with a wallpapered backsplash. Have a piece of plexi or glass cut to cover the wallpaper. Wallpaper is less expensive that most tiles and often looks for current.

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