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June 9th, 2011

10 Tips to Freshen Your Home for Summer!

floral motif

It’s finally here, summer!! I’m loving the warm weather, sunshine, afternoons on patios! And whenever the weather changes I think about changing my décor.  In the summer those heavy winter drapes, thick wool rugs and plush bedding may seem a little, well out of season. To get your space “summer ready” I’ve put together my favourite tips and don’t worry, summer should be stress free and so are these ideas!


1. Change your paint colour. No I’m not talking about painting the entire house, just painting a feature wall in a summer shade. Sky blues, leaf greens and bright yellows will brighten up any room and tend to work with many styles of furniture. When selecting a paint colour for an accent wall, think of shades you see in nature in summer.


2. Swap your accessories. Simplicity is the order of the day for light and breezy rooms, so don’t over clutter. Replace dark coloured accessories with lighter toned ones that have a simple shape, like sleek glass vases and bowls. To add an authentic summer touch, fill a glass bowl with seashells or fresh cherries.


3. Remove heavy tablecloths from the dining room or kitchen. Lightweight open-weave tablecloths will add a breath of fresh air. When shopping for tabletop items such as plates and placemats, stick to a summer fresh palette of bold orange, lime green, lemon yellow and sky blue.


4. Change your window coverings. Replace heavy fabric drapes, such as velvet, with bamboo blinds or drapes that are light in weight or colour. Try something sheer. A lighter window covering will make you want to let the fresh air and sunshine in.


5. Put your heavy and ornate area rugs into storage, and if you have one, expose your clean wooden floor. Alternatively, try rolling out a light coloured sisal or seagrass carpet for a distinct spring-inspired look.


6. If you are thinking about purchasing new furniture, shop for clean lines and natural materials. I LOVE the Edwin dining room collection by Amisco, it combines wood and metal and is just so fresh looking!


Edwin by Amisco


7. Place airy arrangements of wildflowers throughout the home. Keep the look soft and natural be mixing a variety of flowers and using a wide assortment of vase styles. I also like placing flowers in a combination of old tin cans—the look is eclectic, summer style at its best!



Stool by Amisco- Nathan set


8. Pack your winter bedding away into storage. Replace with soft blankets and top sheets in relaxing colours like lavender, pale green and soft aqua. In the kids room add bedding with summer motifs such as flowers, bees and bunnies.



9. Bring the outdoors in! Place rustic metal or wood planters or vases in your kitchen window planted with fresh herbs or summer annuals and let the fragrance fill your home. Incorporate furnishings with floral motifs into your living space.


10. Change the art in your home. Shop for art or photography that incorporates nature and reflects the vibrancy of the season.

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