Sara Lomas

They call me Sara. I am fond of cheap Mexican food, expensive shampoo, and believe in the absolute power of Häagen Dazs. I’m also stubborn, opinionated, frugal-to-a-fault, a fan of the arts, and a mom. I don’t know nearly as much about furniture as QCF big wheel and blogger Joanne, but I’m excited to get to know it better. I’m a newbie when it comes to buying and really understanding the vastness of the Canadian furniture industry, and this blog will chronicle my discoveries and diversions. You will find expert opinions, guest bloggers, stories and advice in these pages. If following the triumphs and foibles of the uninitiated “furnie” is your thing, please read on...


Janette  Ewen

Janette Ewen has been one of Canada’s leading décor and lifestyle experts for more than a decade, passing on her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers and television.

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